Remi is a young male dog who just turned 1 year old on Sept. 1st. He is a Lab, Border Collie and Shepherd mix. He is a very sweet and timid dog. Kind and gentle, he takes treats calmly from hands. He doesn’t really play with toys. Remi gets along with other dogs, cats and children of all ages. He is shy when he first meets someone, but once he knows you he is full of love and will be attached to you at the hip. He would be a great companion for anyone with children or someone who is home often and is wanting a furry companion. Remi has been given dewormer and his parvo shots. He is kenneled anytime he is left alone in the house just so he doesn’t get into anything. Otherwise, he is out whenever his family is home. He does well on a leash and doesn’t pull. He is very curious so if he’s not on a leash and he sees something he will go after it and will wander around sniffing the neighborhood. He is a very smart and intuitive dog. He is not neutered. CALL SKYLAR @ 701-215-6107 for adoption details.

Anyone inquiring about Courtesy Listings with the Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals (SVFA) should contact the current pet owner for answers to any questions and for final approval and placement. SVFA has no first-hand knowledge of the animals listed. SVFA explicitly disclaims any liability for any situation arising from this private adoption nor makes any guarantees about the health or safety of these animals.

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