Established: June 2007

Our Mission: To develop a network of people for the purposes of:
Promoting humane and responsible pet ownership and, being advocates
for stray or abandoned animals in need of care.

What We Do: We are an all volunteer, nonprofit organization that:
Promotes responsible pet ownership
Responds to calls for help for animals in need
Assists owners with spay/neuter costs
Advertises found pets
Facilitates pet adoptions
Raises money for veterinary care for needy animals – Vet care provided through Valley City Veterinary Hospital

Just a few ways we’ve assisted our community:

  • SVFA provides the HomeAgain Microchipping program at the Valley City Veterinary Hospital.  The program is open to everyone and for only $40, you get a permanent microchip ID for your pet.

  • We helped raise funds to build Valley City’s dog park located in Chautauqua Park and maintained by the Parks & Recreation Department. We are currently working on Dog Park #2!

  • SVFA has purchased NINE dog waste bag dispensers which are located in and around Valley City. 1. Mercy Hospital (east end of bridge), 5th Ave walking path (North & South ends), Dog Park, Pioneer Park, City Park (South), Main St E (near Casey’s), Fish Hatchery, City Park (North side), Chautauqua Park (North side). Valley City Parks & Recreation and the City of Valley City refill the dog waste bags and collect and dispose of the dog waste.

  • We provided the Barnes County Ambulance and the Valley City Fire Department with pet oxygen masks.

  • SVFA works with the Valley City Veterinary Hospital each fall to provide discounts during the Spay/Neuter Week.  SVFA provides coupons and the Vet gives a 15% discount on spays and neuters during the promotion.

  • The Humane Education committee visits with local 3rd Graders at Jefferson Elementary every year.  They teach the students how to interact and care for pets as well as provide information about responsible pet ownership.

  • These are just a few ways our volunteers have helped make our community better.  We hope to make this list so much longer!

SVFA Board Members:

Christy Fliflet – President

Angie Martin – Vice President

Jenni Richman –  Secretary/Treasurer

Kathy Martin

Cindy Schopper

Kay Kringlie

Colleen Jones

Lisa Neurauter