Available for Adoption

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available for adoption

The following are pets that are available for adoption:


This adorable old girl is Zoey! She is a 10 year old Chiweenie. Zoey is quiet and wants nothing more than to be a lap dog. She likes to play with all her toys, but tug of war is her all-time favorite. Zoey enjoys being around other small dogs, but bigger dogs not so much. She is good about letting you know she has to go outside to the bathroom. Zoey prefers women, but will warm up to a man if given time. She is in good health, spayed and vaccinated. Please call Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals at 701-840-5047 or email jenni.svfa@gmail.com.



This cute fella is Salem! He is very energetic, playful, curious and also loves to cuddle! Salem is an excellent climber and spends his days playing. He would be good fit for a household with kids since he loves to play and has lots of energy. Salem is 8 weeks old, vaccinated and microchipped. A neuter voucher will be issued at the time of his adoption. Please call Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals at 701-840-0547 or email jenni.svfa@gmail.com for adoption details.



Rascal is a 3 year old male Bully/Boxer mix. He is a VERY active dog and is HIGH energy! Rascal is house trained, knows some basic commands, walks on a leash decently, but has some room for improvement. He is good with another high energy dog/dogs because he gets very excited and can get carried away. He likes cats, but can be too much for them because he likes to be right in their faces. Rascal is food motivated, but is food aggressive in his kennel. When introducing Rascal to new people it will be important to go slow and it be on his terms. Rascal is a very vocal dog so apartment living would not be a good fit. Please call Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals at 701-840-5047 or email jenni.svfa@gmail.com for more information.


Hi everyone! My name is Sam and I am currently looking for my fur-ever home. I currently live in a foster home that has a large (quiet) dog, 2 other foster kittens, and some big cats, too. I am so proud of myself because I have learned to get along with everyone I live with. My foster humans say that I have some of the softest fur they have ever felt. Those compliments make me purr and show my appreciation with love nudges to my human's chin and nose. When my humans pick me up under my arms, the say 'SO BIG' and I give them a great big stretch. They think I am a pretty cool dude. I am current on my shots and am ready for adoption. I play well with the other kittens and I also can entertain myself. I am litter box trained and am very careful to cover my business. Mom and dad tell me I'm a good boy. I would be SO THANKFUL to have my new home in time for Thanksgiving. Thanks for reading! Please call Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals at 701-840-5047 or jenni.svfa@gmail.com.