Available for Adoption

All of our pets including our courtesy listings are listed on PetfinderAdopt-a-pet, and our Facebook page.

The following are pets that are available for adoption:


Nala collage nala6

Here is what Nala's mom has to say about her dog......

"Her name is Nala (English Mastiff), she's really good with my 2-year-old and doesn't pay much attention to my 9 month old boys. She does not do good with other cats or dogs (we tried a new home but it didn't work out with their dogs). She is up to date on shots but not spayed yet. We're asking a $300 re-homing fee. I know both the parents and they are also great dogs! My Nala girl is a great dog, she really is. She loves to play with her toys, snuggle, run around in the yard, and nap in the most inconvenient spots in my kitchen!


petey cat9 petey cat6 petey cat4 petey cat1 petey cat

Here's Petey! This guy is 3 years old, front paw declawed, microchipped, neutered and vaccinated. What else could you ask for? How about a guy who gets along well with other cats? That's Petey! He is currently being fostered in a home with a handicapped cat and Petey is very kind to him (indifferent). How about a cat who likes dogs? Well, we don't know how Petey will do around dogs since he isn't living with them in his foster home, but we think that with some time he would adjust to life with a dog. This guy is a bit of an escape artist and tries to sneak out of the house. That's how he ended up with SVFA after one of his escapes ended him up in the city pound. You'll probably need to keep an eye out on the door if you have Petey living with you. Petey does have an attitude sometimes with his foster mom that includes some hissing so he may not be a good fit for a home with really young children, but older children will know when to respect Petey telling them he's not in the mood for play time or petting. He does like to go outside while wearing a harness and absolutely loves feather toys (stock up!). If you'd like to add Petey to your home, please give us a call at 701-840-5047.





Athena (Courtesy Listing)

athena5 athena4



Looking for a good home for Athena! She is a 1 year old lab mix, energetic, healthy and a loving companion. She needs rooms to run. She is not spayed. Please contact Sue at 701-269-3896 in Valley City.

Anyone inquiring about Courtesy Listings with the Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals (SVFA) should contact the current pet owner for answers to any questions and for final approval and placement. SVFA has no first-hand knowledge of the animals listed. SVFA explicitly disclaims any liability for any situation arising from this private adoption nor makes any guarantees about the health or safety of these animals.


Bella kitten

Here's sweet little Bella! Unlike her sister (Elly), she has taken a little more time getting used to life with dogs. She's slowly adjusting, but we believe she will be fine given time. Bella is approximately 4 months old. She has had her second shots and is microchipped. She is playful, loving and litter box trained (so smart!). Her new family will receive a voucher to have her spayed when she is old enough. If you would LOVE to add Bella to your family, please contact SVFA at 840-5047 or private message.


elly kitten

When we saw this sweet little kitten we knew we had to name her after one of our SVFA volunteers who is just as adorable! Elly is approximately 4 months old, very playful, loving and litter box trained. Elly has had her second shots and is microchipped. A spay voucher will be given to her family for when she is old enough to undergo surgery. Elly does well around dogs. If you would LOVE to add Elly to your family, please contact SVFA at 840-5047.



remmi3 remmi2

Meet Remmi! She is a 9 year German Shorthair Pointer Lab mix, spayed and current on vaccinations. Remmi loves toys! She loves to play ball and definitely doesn't act 9 years old! She is a little skittish around men, but once she gets to know the person she is fine. She gets along well with dogs and cats. Remmi does have a history of skin allergies. You may be able to see in this picture that the inside of her legs are red. We had Remmi allergy tested and found out she is allergic to: Kentucky blue grass, cat dander, pigweed, barley, beef, eggs, lamb, milk, pork, soybean, turkey and venison. Wow! That is a lot of allergies! Now we know why she's been so itchy and red for most of her life. Her allergies have gotten better since we have switched her to a hydrolyzed dog food. This food can be expensive when purchased at a vet clinic, but if you bargain shop you will find a cheaper price online or in a pet store. We think Remmi is worth the investment! She has a lot of love to share and ball chasing to do! Will it be with you?
UPDATE ON REMMI (8-8-17):We have good news to report about Remmi! Since her allergy testing results came back she started on a Royal Canin Hydrolized food and has now been switched to a more cost effective diet of Blue Buffalo Salmon. We are happy to say that Remmi is now living life with no itching or redness! Royal Canin Hydrolized Food (25lb bag) $80.00 compared to Blue Buffalo Salmon (24lb bag) $50.00. We don't think that's too much to pay for a happy dog!
Please contact SVFA at 840-5047 or visit our website at svfanimals.org for an application.


cupcake in drawer1cupcake10  cupcake resting1 cupcake lounging Cupcake markings cupcake 5(1)cupcake9

Meet Cupcake! This 3 1/2 year old female came to Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals on March 30, 2017. We are honestly surprised she hasn’t been adopted yet because she’s such a great cat. Cupcake’s story with SVFA began with her owner surrendering her to us. They loved her very, very much, but decided that for her health and safety to remove her from the home. She has been in the same foster home since she arrived and has adjusted well to life with the dogs and cats in the home. Cupcake isn’t afraid to show them who’s the boss…HER! Cupcake enjoys looking out the window and sleeping on the back of the couch. She’s not afraid to snuggle up on your lap or neck if the timing is right! Cupcake has some urinary tract issues so is on a special diet. We know that there are generic alternatives to her food that are less expensive than a brand name. Let’s find this very special girl her forever home! Cupcake is vaccinated, microchipped and spayed. Call us at 840-5047 or visit our website at svfanimals.org.