Available for Adoption

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available for adoption

The following are pets that are available for adoption:

This beauty is Addy! She came to SVFA with her three kittens who have already found their forever homes. Now it’s her turn! She is a polydactyl which means she has extra toes. She doesn’t mind getting manicures to keep her nails trimmed. Addy is great with kids of all ages, dogs and other cats. She started her life as a shop cat, but now enjoys the luxury of being indoors. She is sweet (on her terms), but does enjoy sitting by her favorite human. She is approximately 3 years old, spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. If you’re interested in Addy, please call SVFA at 701-840-5047 or email jenni.svfa@gmail.com.


Wall-E is a very sweet cat who loves to cuddle and get petted! Wall-E is good with dogs that respect his space. He does not get along with other male cats. He is vocal and loves to express his feelings! Wall-E will seek out attention if he thinks you aren’t giving him enough cuddles. He loves to climb up high to nap and keep an eye on his favorite people. He is 2 years old, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Contact SVFA at 701-840-5047 or email jenni.svfa@gmail.com for more information.




You know that saying, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover?” Don’t let this face fool you into believing that he’s an old grump. Well, there is a little bit of grump in this old guy, but there’s a whole lot of love and affection, too! Boots is a 9 year old male who has had some changes in his life in the last few months. He’s adjusting to life without the only family he ever knew. Boots is a little bit naked looking because he is actually a long haired cat who was matted when he arrived with SVFA. He needed to be shaved so he can grow out new fur. It will take awhile for his hair to grow and will require patience and frequent grooming by his new owner to make sure he does not get matted again. Boots is OK with cats and dogs. A house with no children is best. He likes to be petted, but not picked up and carried around. He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Please call SVFA at 701-840-5047 or email jenni.svfa@gmail.com.


Named after Bagheera in the movie “The Jungle Book”, this Bagherra will also serve as a friend to his favorite “man-cub” (human). He moves smoothly and as quiet as a black panther. He is a big boy who isn’t afraid to show his softer side by cuddling! Bagherra has been around medium and XL dogs and does really well. He gets along well with his fellow foster cats. He will need a few weeks to adjust to his new home as he can be a little nervous in different surroundings. Bagherra is approximately 2 years old, neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. Call SVFA at 701-840-5047 or email jenni.svfa@gmail.com for more information.


"Some may call me a Senior dog but that just means I have years of experience in the fine art of friendship."

**HEALTH INFORMATION: She has a heart condition that requires three medications. Monthly cost for medication is approximately $90.

Meet our Senior dog, Snoots! She is a 14 year old Papillion/Bichon mix. She has lots of energy and loves to play with the younger dogs in her foster home. Snoots is house trained, walks on a leash and loves to sit in your lap. She's recently had her teeth cleaned and a few teeth pulled due to decay. Snoots is ready to go to her forever and ever home. Preferably a quieter home with adults. Contact SVFA at 701-840-5047 if you would want to add Snoots to your home.