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SCOOP THE POOP! No matter where or when it occurs, there is NO excuse for not scooping the poop. This is as simple as taking a plastic grocery bag, turning it inside out and placing your hand inside and using the bag as a plastic glove. Then turn the bag back out and take the bag with you where you can dispose of it properly.

SVFA has installed several “doggy pot” stations in Valley City for your convenience. The stations include dog waste bags and a garbage can to clean up after your dog.

Here are a few reasons why EVERY dog owner MUST be responsible for picking up EVERY TIME.

1. IT’S COMMON COURTESY. Cleaning up after your dogs shows respect for our neighbors and our community. Only irresponsible dog owners leave their dog’s poop for others to look at, step in or clean up.
2. DOG POOP = UNHEALTHY. Abandoned dog poop can host diseases and/or parasites which can infect other dogs who come into contact with it, or be transmitted to people who accidentally step in it and track it home. Particularly at risk are children who play on the ground. Disposing of dog poop immediately helps all dogs stay healthier and reduces feces-borne parasites and illnesses.
3. DOG POOP = UNSIGHTLY. Everybody knows that. It’s disgusting. Pick it up. We all deserve to live in a clean city where we can be proud and step lightly.
4. SET AN EXAMPLE. When you pick up after your dog, you are part of the solution! Your action will speak volumes! Consider carrying extra bags to offer to others as a hint that cleaning up after your dog is what responsible dog owners do. Your actions will encourage others to do the same


Meet our Adoptable Animals!  SVFA Meet & Greet Schedule: Meet & Greets will not be held if we do not have any dogs currently available for adoption. Please check this site for adoptable animals.