Available for Adoption!

Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals has four categories of animals:

Adoptable – The animals listed in this category are available to be adopted through SVFA. They come from all walks of life. One thing is certain of all animals listed under this category they have been

  • Wellness checked
  • Updated on shots
  • Microchipped
  • Spayed/Neutered (if old enough)

While awaiting adoption these animals are placed in foster homes where they can be trained and socialized. Interested parties fill out a pre-adoption application where they can be considered to be a potential home. (or email jenni.svfa@gmail.com for a form.)

Lost – An owner contacts the organization letting us know that their pet has gone missing. We provide a posting on our Facebook page to help reunite the owner and pet.

Found – A concerned member of the community contacts the organization to let us know that they have found an animal. We advertise the animals on the Facebook page and encourage the finder to contact the radio and newspaper. If animals have not been claimed in a reasonable amount of time Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals will attempt to adopt it to a loving home.

Courtesy – The animals listed in this category need to be placed in a new home for a variety of reasons. The owners of these animals are willing to hold on to the pet until they can be placed into a new home which they choose. The owners provide a picture, contact information, and a brief description of the animal to SVFA and we list them on our Facebook page, Petfinder and AdoptAPet.

Process for Adoption:
The pets available through the Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals need loving and committed homes. We ask that all interested parties fill out a pre-adoption form to begin the process:

You can download the form here and mail it to the following address:

Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals
P.O. Box 432
Valley City, ND 58072

Or email to jenni.svfa@gmail.com.

This form provides key information about the potential home and helps our organization determine if it is the best fit for both the pet and potential owner. Once we gather the pre-adoption forms we begin to call references and talk with potential homes. Being the first or only to apply does not mean you will necessarily receive an animal. We must choose homes based on what is in the best interest of the animal.

Since our organization relies solely on foster homes we are able to see how pets react in a home environment. Acclimating to a daily schedule and often interacting with children, other pets, and people. This also means that our organization must coordinate individuals meeting with the potential pet once a pre-adoption form has been approved.

If both parties agree that the pet would be entering a stable and loving environment. We move forward with finalizing the adoption. This requires the completion of a final adoption contract and an adoption fee.

$150.00 for Dogs
$100.00 for Cats

We encourage homes, if they wish, to provide stories and updates on how the adopted pet is fitting in with the new family. These stories will be published in our “Happy Tails” section of the website. We will keep all personal information such as names, addresses, phone numbers confidential to protect the pet and new owners.

Thank you for considering an adoption from the
Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals.