Pet ID Week

pet ID week

National Pet ID week is April 20-24 – and SVFA and the Valley City Vet are having a microchip sale! Get your pet a permanent Microchip ID for only $35 – that’s a $5 discount!

The Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals provides HomeAgain microchips to the Valley City area through the Valley City Veterinary Hospital. Microchips are a permanent ID for your pet that is about the size of a grain of rice and that only contains a number. That number is found with a special scanner that the vet has in their office. Once the number is read, they can call into a national database and help connect a pet with it’s owners. It’s important to make sure your microchip information is kept up-to-date!

Call the Valley City Veterinary Hospital, PC for an appointment and more information! 701-845-3662.

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