We would like to tell you the story of Trapper. In May, we received a call from an elderly gentleman who had found a dog at a rest area and had taken him in. He was unable to keep him due to his housing situation, but asked that we find him a great home. His opinion of Trapper, “I am of the highest opinion that this dog is very special in some way. All in all, unquestionably a fine young boy pup that has a lot to offer.”

We started by finding Trapper an amazing foster home who has worked with him on obedience, commands and making sure he gets lots of exercise each day. Trapper got adopted in June, but was returned because he is not good with cats. The cats in his new home didn’t liked to be chased, herded or nipped at. It wasn’t a good fit. His original foster home welcomed him back. Adoption #2 was in July. It seemed like a really good fit. A farm, no cats. Trapper had other ideas and ran away from his new home. It was several nerve racking days before he showed back up at his new home. Unfortunately, when he came back he had a badly injured back leg. The leg had to be amputated after the vets tried to pin the bones back in place. Trapper is once again back at his original foster home and is doing great! He has adjusted well and is still healing. He hasn’t let it get him down and is still a very active, energetic dog. We are hoping that third times the charm for Trapper!

Trapper is a 3-4 year old Australian Shepherd Lab mix. He is very playful, very strong and wants to go, go, go! He likes other dogs. Older children are advised since he is very energetic and likes to herd. A home with NO CATS is recommended since he likes to nip and play with them too roughly. Unless, you have a cat that can defend itself against that behavior. Since he has a history of running, it would be best to have him in a fenced yard or leashed while outside until he is used to his surroundings. Trapper is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

For all animal adoptions, you must complete a Pre-Adoption application found on our website at under the “Forms” tab. Submit PDF/Word document to Questions? Contact Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals at 701-840-5047 or email

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