Hello, everyone my name is Sophie!  I was found wandering around near the Valley City Police Department and was brought to a place called the city pound. It was scary at first, but I made friends with the staff at the pound. After 5 days I was able to leave and go to my foster home. I was so happy!

I’m an independent cat and the higher I can climb and hang out the better. I’m not used to being around other animals, but I’m learning to be patient and nice with the ones I do encounter in my foster home. I am lion hear me roar! Well, it’s probably more like “I am cat hear me meow!” I do love to talk and I like everyone to hear my beautiful voice. Nudges on the nose are my favorite way of showing you how much I like you. Did I mention I like to play? I do play rough sometimes, but I try to play nice and not bite too hard or scratch. My foster mom said I have the silkiest fur she’s ever seen. I meowed and said “thank you”. Do you know what my foster home has that is the best thing ever? It’s a cute little girl who comes to play with me! I really like her and hope she keeps coming to see me.

I guess there is only a few more things to tell you about myself. I’m vaccinated, spayed (no kittens, yeah!) and microchipped (just in case I go wandering off again). If you would like to adopt me, please contact SVFA at 701-840-5047.  Thanks for checking me-owt!

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