This adventurous, fun loving, free spirited girl is Rosie! She is used to a life off leash running free and finding adventures! Unfortunately, sometimes she finds herself in the local pound. We’d love to find her a home where she can run free and enjoy her current lifestyle without the trips to the pound.  Rosie is lucky that she currently lives by a river where she gets to swim whenever she wants. Something she loves very much.

Rosie is a 3 year old German Shepherd mix. She is spayed and has a current rabies vaccination.  She LOVES people and is very friendly! She is good with children, too. Rosie doesn’t care for other dogs at first meeting, but does learn to get along with them. She has been known to kill cats, rabbits and other small animals. Rosie, like many other dogs, is afraid of gun shots, fireworks and thunder storms. She is house trained.

Do you live somewhere that Rosie can continue this carefree lifestyle? A place where she doesn’t keep getting sent to the pound for just being herself…a fun and crazy girl who likes to spend her days exploring, getting full of cockleburs and wood ticks, chasing rabbits and maybe meeting a few new friends along the way. She’s a special girl who deserves a special place to call her own! Please call Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals at 701-840-5047 or email

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