CAT #1 **PIGEON is an adult diluted calico (the grey one). She’s a sweet, affectionate people-oriented cat who is good with noisy kids for a while, but will need some quiet retreat to recover. She’s very loving and wants nothing more than to sleep on your lap or beside your head at night. Wherever you are, she wants to be, whether that’s sleeping on a blanket by your feet while you work from home, to lounging in a cat tower by the couch just to be near you. Her only quirk (and why she’s overweight) is that she has trauma-based food anxiety and will gnaw on you if her food bowl is empty. She’s been abandoned twice in enclosed hoarding situation homes with no food or water, so she gets very anxious when food isn’t immediately available at all times. She would do well with being put on a feeding schedule and perhaps some anxiety medication if a vet recommends it.  CALL CASSIE @ 252-207-7530

CAT #2 **GREMLIN is the tortoiseshell kitten who is very skittish around new people, but who earns her name once she’s comfortable. She’s known for getting into everything and knocking things over, and her favorite thing to do is to try to jump into the toilet bowl once the toilet seat lid is up, whether the bowl is empty or not. She’s a handful, but she’s very bouncy and energetic and incredibly play-oriented, and does well with other cats. She needs to be taught to keep her claws to herself, but otherwise, she’s got all the tortie-tude in a tiny package.  CALL CASSIE @ 252-207-7530

Anyone inquiring about Courtesy Listings with the Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals (SVFA) should contact the current pet owner for answers to any questions and for final approval and placement. SVFA has no first-hand knowledge of the animals listed. SVFA explicitly disclaims any liability for any situation arising from this private adoption nor makes any guarantees about the health or safety of these animals.



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