Let us introduce you to Finn and Liam! Best friends and bonded brothers. They will be adopted as a pair. $100 ADOPTION FEE for Finn & Liam. Normal adoption rate is $75.00 per cat.

FINN is a male, grey tabby kitten that was born approximately on September 16th, 2020. He loves, loves, loves playing with his brother, Liam, and all types of kitty toys. Due to him constantly being on the go, he can be independent, but when he is ready for attention he likes being petted, having his cheeks rubbed and being carried around. He especially gets jealous if his brother Liam is getting attention. To relax, he enjoys sitting in a cat tree and watching the birds and squirrels outside. Using treats, canned food and wand toys are the best way to gain Finn’s trust. In comparison to his brother Liam, he is the braver and more curious sibling.

It’s important to note that sometimes when Finn has not been in the mood to be picked up he might smack your hand with his paw and back away. He hasn’t ever violently attacked, but he makes it clear he does not want to be picked up. Due to this, small children may not be best for Finn. Anyone who can respectfully approach him would be a good fit. When he gets older and has a more solidified relationship with someone he may tolerate being handled at any time, but as of right now he does let you know about his boundaries.

LIAM is a male, grey tabby kitten that was born approximately on September 16th, 2020. He is a chubby kitten that loves doing everything with his high energy brother, Finn. He is the slightly bigger of the two kittens. Each day he plays with his favorite toys and brings them to his brother to share. When approached, he will flop over on his side to get a thorough back rub. He also enjoys cheek rubs and long petting sessions. In comparison to his brother Finn, he is the shy one, but when he becomes comfortable he is a very friendly, affectionate kitten. Often if Liam is nervous about something, having Finn there helps him adjust. Using treats and canned food and giving him back rubs are the best way to gain Liam’s trust.

Liam is still a little uncomfortable about being held. He does tolerate it, but he stiffens up even when supported.

Finn and Liam are used to living in a quiet home with an adult and other cats. They have not been around children or dogs, but if they have each other it will help for them to slowly transition into a new household that has older children or a calm dog. Finn is much less fearless and will investigate things sooner than Liam. Finn helps Liam come out of his shell quicker. They both have a lot of energy to run and chase each other around, but as they grow older they could become lap cats.

Finn and Liam are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Please contact Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals at 701-840-5047 or email for more details.

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