Playful, curious, independent, and adorable! That’s Ember! She loves to follow her foster mom around the house and be a part of everything she is doing including folding clothes (playing in the dryer!), cleaning the bathroom (almost falling in the toilet!) and especially likes helping her while she is working at her desk (walking on the keyboard & knocking all the pens on the floor!). Ember knows her name and comes when she is called especially if you say “Where’s Ember? Where’s my pretty girl?” She comes running and may even give you a “meow” greeting! Ember is a busy little girl and sometimes doesn’t always have time to sit and cuddle, but she is getting better about taking a few minutes to snuggle here and there. Ember would benefit by having a playmate whether is was another cat or even a dog. She has a lot of energy and would have a blast running around the house and wrestling with a companion! She currently gravitates towards the 100 pound German Shepherd in her foster home as her favorite playmate. Ember would be best with children a little older since she still likes to play fight, bite and can scratch. She is growing up so fast! It would be awesome if she could grow up in her forever home. Ember is good with dogs and other cats. Ember is vaccinated and microchipped. When she is adopted a spay coupon will be issued to be used at our local vet clinic. Call SVFA at 701-840-5047 or email her foster mom at jenni.svfa@gmail.com for more information.


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