This is Eli! He is a 2 year old neutered male cat. Eli enjoys the outdoors and is being harness and leash trained by his foster home. He’s OK with dogs and cats, he is talkative, sweet and an extremely affectionate lap cat that would make a great companion for a person or family. Eli is FIV positive. He is healthy with no current signs of the virus as he may only be a carrier of the virus. He may live in a home with another cat as long as they get along well and do not fight since the FIV virus is transmitted through cat bites.  A dog companion would be great because the FIV virus cannot be transmitted to dogs.  **SEE BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION REGARDING FIV** . Please contact SVFA at 840-5047 to adopt Eli!

  1. Is it advisable to adopt a cat with FIV?
  2. Cats with FIV can live long and healthy lives. In fact, studies over the last 10 years or so have shown that cats with FIV often live as long as otherwise healthy cats that do not have this virus. Many of these cats age normally and never show signs of FIV-related illness.
  3. What precautions would the owners have to take?
  4. FIV is a cat-specific virus—it can only be transferred between cats, and no other species can be infected. Since FIV can cause immunosuppression and, in theory, can increase the risk of a cat succumbing to certain infectious diseases, it is important to have the cat receive frequent veterinary care.
  5. Would there be a risk in other pets in the household?
  6. FIV is transmitted primarily through bite wounds between cats. Other pets such as dogs would not be at risk of infection. If a client has more than one cat in the household and they do not get along, there is an increased risk that the virus can be transmitted between cats during fighting and biting. Thus, cats that do not get along should not be allowed to interact. The ability to transmit the virus by bite wound is also the reason that it is important to keep FIV-infected cats indoors.
  7. What does lifelong care look like for a cat with FIV?
  8. Cats with FIV will need to live in an environment that is relatively stress-free. Resources such as food, water, litter boxes, bedding, scratch posts, safe places to hide and toys should be amply supplied so that the cat never stresses about what is available for use.
  9. What else should owners know?
  10. All cats have unique, wonderful personalities. Cats with FIV are no exception. Since these cats are able to live long, healthy lives, there is no reason that they cannot be a part of someone’s family.

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