This listed animal IS NOT a part of or associated with Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals (SVFA).

Callie will be 2 years old on July 5th. Callie was born with a cleft pallet and lip. As she’s grown her pallet has closed up, but her lip helps add a little character to her beautiful face. She has no health issues from the cleft lip, but does experience excessive sneezing when she gets too excited. She is VERY energetic and full of personality! She loves to “talk” while playing or sometimes if she wants to get your attention. Don’t let her energy fool you because she can is a great cuddler and she loves attention. It can be hard to get Callie’s attention which means that training (commands) her will require patience from her owners. She is kennel trained and as long as she’s let out regularly she is great with potty training. Callie is a tiny girl weighing in at only 30-35 pounds. There is an adoption fee. If you would be interested in adding this adorable girl to your life, please call her owner, Brenna, at 701-330-1323.

 Anyone inquiring about Courtesy Listings with the Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals (SVFA) should contact the current pet owner for answers to any questions and for final approval and placement. SVFA has no first-hand knowledge of the animals listed. SVFA explicitly disclaims any liability for any situation arising from this private adoption nor makes any guarantees about the health or safety of these animals.

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