ADOPTION SPECIAL – Two kittens for the price of one! $75.00

We have two kittens, Mia & London, who have been enjoying each others company in their foster home. We thought that it would be great if they could find a forever home TOGETHER! This pair enjoys exploring, playing, sleeping, grooming, eating and finding mischief together.
Do you have room in your heart & home for TWO KITTENS?

Why are TWO kittens better than ONE??
*One kitten can get bored & lonely.
*Two kittens will keep each other busy and not bother
other animals in the home.
*Two kittens are VERY ENTERTAINING!
*It’s impossible to keep a straight face in the presence of
one or more kittens.
*You’re saving 2 LIVES instead of ONE.
*You’re getting 2 KITTENS for the price of one! $75.00

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